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Groza-R enters C-UAV fray

ПовідомленняДодано: 26 лютого 2017 08:30
Белорусское конструкторское бюро «Радар» на выставке IDEX 2017 в Объединенных Арабских Эмиратах представило противодроновую винтовку «Гроза-Р»

KB Radar Design Bureau has developed a manportable counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (C-UAV) system, unveiling the package at IDEX 2017 in Abu Dhabi.

Speaking to Jane's, Zhybul Siarhei Victorovich, head of KB Radar's electronic warfare department, said that the Groza-R Counter-Multicopter Radio Electronic Rifle had taken only two months to develop and leveraged the company's expertise in producing larger C-UAV systems.

The complete system comprises three antennas mounted onto a modified Cyma CM0011 rifle, with the jammer unit and battery carried in a backpack and connected to the rifle via a cable. For targeting, the rifle is fitted with a Sturman 1x38 RD optical sight; other equipment includes an SHC-8100L charging unit and a bipod.

The Groza-R is intended to counter commercial multicopters and smaller fixed-wing UAVs, Victorovich said, adding that the system jams satellite navigation signals - GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou systems - and radio-frequency (RF) communications - 2.4-2.485 GHz and 5.76-5.88 GHz.

Victorovich said that the system does not have a spoofing capability, instead it is designed to cause a target to crash or implement its return-to-base protocol.

The system can jam satellite navigation signals to a distance of at least 5 km and RF communications at up to 2 km range.

Victorovich explained that a minimum of power is emitted for both modes of jamming and that it can operate for at least one hour continuously.


Re: Groza-R enters C-UAV fray

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Victorovichабуть вони вирішили, що "Victorovich" -- це прізвище! :D

Взагалі ідея цікава. Хоча, як мені здається, час комерційних дронів на фронті вже минув. Хоча поступово вони починають заважати у повсякденному житті. Наприклад, можуть створити небезпеку в аеропортах, а туди станцію РЕБ не поставиш.

Re: Groza-R enters C-UAV fray

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На фронті, навіть час RQ-11 Raven минув.