The Cockatoo Fort will become a tourist attraction

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21 червня 2018 10:04

The Cockatoo Fort will become a tourist attraction

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The authorities of Rivne oblast want to use the Cockatoo Fort, located near the Kyiv-Chop highway near the city of Dubno, and now belongs to the military department as a tourist facility.
This was announced yesterday, May 23, by Oleksiy Gubanov, deputy head of the Rivne Regional State Administration, taking part in the evening broadcast of one of the local TV companies.
The official noted that negotiations are underway to transfer the fort from the military department to the local authorities.
"This is a unique building that can not be used simply as a sin," says Alexei Gubanov.
According to him, there are several plans for the future of the fort. One part of it is planned to be used on a permanent basis, another - under the reproduction of vivid historical events.
Realization of plans is planned after it is decided, in whose property the fort is.

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Cockroach Fort is an architectural monument of the 19th century. The first tests for the fort fall on the years of the First World War. At the beginning of the war in 1915, parts of the southwestern Russian front departed from the fort without a fight. The destruction of the fortification facilities began in the summer of 1916, when during the Brusilov breakthrough the Russian troops dumped part of the 4th Austrian army from these fortifications. In these battles, 200 Austrian soldiers were killed, who were buried near the fort. During the Second World War, no fighting took place. In 1965, the Ministry of Trade of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic made an attempt to equip the warehouse with canned goods on the basis of the fort. There were works on clearing of casemates, made racks, doors, spent lighting, but excessive humidity and evaporation did not allow to store products. The headquarters of the Carpathian Military District also made an attempt to equip the stock of automotive spare parts. Were carried out labor-intensive preparatory work, but the idea was abandoned for the same reason. Currently, the fort is used by participants in the historical reconstruction of the events of the First World War. There are also fans of extreme tourism.

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