За Українське небо!

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За Українське небо!

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Although Ukrainians served mostly in infantry, some of them did hold various positions in Luftwaffe. The youth of Galicia and Ukraine already served in Luftwaffe as Flack helpers. Those who finished the Flack training course and reached the age of 20 were transfered to Luftwaffe flying schools. Others with mechanical background mantained the airfields and composed the technical crews. Former pilots of Ukrainian Galician Army and those who served in Polish Air forces joined the Luftwaffe squadrons. Many Ukrainians also served as translators with Luftwaffe headquarters, for whom a special cufftitle \"Dolmetscher\" was introduced in 1943. In the Fall 1944 a whole group of Ukrainians had graduated from the translator courses held in Prague. After the graduation, they were given officer ranks and issued Luftwaffe officer uniforms with all the attributes, including the ceremonial daggers. Number of Ukrainian pilots had increased as prisoners of war from the Red Army were alowed to join Luftwaffe. Most of them served in a separate Fliegergruppe Ost formed by general Heinrich Aschenbrenner. Other Ukrainians pilots participated in transfer of ready made planes from the factories to the front lines. Among the lists of Luftwaffe aces one finds such Ukrainians as Sushko, Kyivsky, Pianchuk. Paul Pianchuk was born on 24th of May 1911, near Poltava. In 1937 he graduated from the Soviet pilot school. From as early as 1942 he joined up in Ukrainian Liberation Army (UVV) and served with the Luftwaffe. Troghout his career in UVV, he flew 31 combat flights. Kyivskyj received the rank of major and became the wing leader. Another famous pilot was Serafyma Sytnyk - a Ukrainian girl who was a former Soviet aviation major. Of Ukrainian origin was probably major Olejnyk (born in Germany) who commanded one of the first jet squadrons. The highest ranking Ukrainian officer of the Luftwafe was the head chaplain for Ukrainian forces in Luftwaffe, Severyn Saprun, who was awarded the rank of major.

Ukrainian Liberation Army (UVV) had also contributed personnel to the Luftwaffe, both pilots and the ground units. The latter ones were attached to various Luftwaffe field divisions. The Ukrainian volunteers wore the same UVV sleeve shield, accept it was sewn on the Luftwaffe blue cloth as supposed to the Fieldgrau cloth used by the infantry.
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Коли я впаду,
мою кров вип'є рідна земля,
щоб зростити траву для коня того,
хто стане на моє місце.

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