Річниця визволення Франції і Бельгії - 2014

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Річниця визволення Франції і Бельгії - 2014

Повідомлення CAM » 05 грудня 2012 00:20

Оголошення в американській асоціації реконструкторів другої світової.
Набирають бажаючих для участі у грандіозній реконструкції визволення Європи.
Це стосується безпосередньо американців, але думаю вам буде цікаво почитати.

If anyone is interested (and has the cash) there is a big ultra-authentic re-enactment being planned in for 2014. If anyone is interested, I have more info I can pass along. Feel free to pass this e-mail along to others. More info is below for those interested:

I re-enact with a 2nd Armored Division group out of the U.K. that organizes large WWII convoys representing a specific company from the division and they follow the routes of the towns they liberated. They are planning a large convoy for 2014 with about WWII 100 vehicles and more than 200 re-enactors through northern France and Belgium. The convoy will include dozens of Jeeps, weapons carriers, halftracks, a medical section, at least 3-5 recon platoons (each platoon has 5 vehicles) of M-8 armored cars, and at least two platoons of light and medium tanks. There is also a trains section of duce and a half trucks to carry baggage/camp gear, food and a field kitchen section.

The trip is about 13 days long and everything you bring needs to be period correct and fit into one duffle bag. You will portray a specific sub-unit of the U.S. 2nd Armored. The event follows a strict rank structure and involves camping in a pup tent in farm fields for more than 10 days straight. Only designed 2nd Armored impressions exist for this trip. There are no Germans (at least not from the U.S. contingent).

They are looking to sprinkle real Yanks around on the vehicle crews to make the column appear more American. They hope to get about 75 or more Amnericans that are all on the same page together for this program. Most will be concentrated in 3-5 halftracks as infantry support from the 41st Armored infantry regiment. Other spots are available on M-8 armored cars and possibly on a few Jeeps.

The event includes numerous liberation celebration ceremonies, visits to WWI and WWII battle sites and museums, following the actual route a U.S. division's advance in late summer, early fall 1944, and night patrols and possible engagements.

While these trips are among the ultimate re-enacting experiences I have had and this is expected to be even more intense, keep in mind the following before reaching out for more info:

1. You are camping for 10-13 days straight, which includes striking and packing camp, convoying 50-100 miles a day, then setting up camp again someplace else. Think about how you feel after 3-4 days at Rockford after only setting up and tacking camp down once. One point of authenticity on this trip will be the total exhaustion you may feel near the end of the trip

2. If you can't follow orders or a chain of command by your assigned NCOs and officers, don't ask to attend.

3. It could rain every day or drop below 40 degrees at night and you will be very limited on what gear you can bring. You might be cold and wet, but if you want real, this is it. If cold and rain might be too much for more than a week straight to no way to stay indoors, its not the trip for you.

4. If you like a solid itinerary of each hour of each day for all your vacations and don'y like not knowing what is coming each day, or will be mad if your vehicles breads down and you send most of the day on the side of the road, this is not your trip. There will be objectives to reach each day as a group, but it may mean bypassing museums, shopping or some WWII anniversary events in order to make up time. Most of the time you are just told to mount up and have no idea where you are going, just like the real thing.

5. If you are the type of person to call it quit after a couple days of re-enacting (ie, those that pack up and leave on Sunday mornings), this is not your trip. One the trip starts, they may be no way of getting off of the convoy unless they drop you at va train station in a major town somewhere. Also if you are the type who gets pissy after being tired and don't like be pushed a little further at that point, probably not your trip.

6.Camping in farm fields also means there might not be showers for days at a time. Bathroom facilities may include your e-tool, TP and a bush just outside the campsite.

If however the weather holds and your vehicle has few issues, it can be the coolest re-enacting experience you will ever have.

Cost is estimated at $700 per person (includes vehicle ride, gas, loaner weapons, food (you get 1-2 meals provided per day)and cross channel ferry fee). Cost for air fair to Europe these days I think is around $1,200 or more. Estimate a total of about $2,000 minimally.
„На диявола – хрест, на неприятеля – шабля”.

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