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Дисертації з British Library

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На сервісі Британської бібліотеки http://ethos.bl.uk/ представлені в pdf-форматі дисертації, захищені в британських закладах, в тому числі по українській тематиці. Для скачування обов'язково треба зареєструватися.
Пошук видає, наприклад, такі позиції:
Markus, Ustina. Soviet counterinsurgency : a case study of the guerrilla wars in Lithuania and Western Ukraine, 1944-1953.
Healy, Joseph. Central Europe in flux : Germany, Poland and Ukraine, 1918-1922.
Sasse, Gwendolyn. Bringing the regions back in : the Crimean issue in post-Soviet Ukraine.
Peirsa-Cywinska, Dorota. Irreconcilable Differences: Polish-Ukrainian relations, Violence and the Movement of People, 1939-1957

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Re: Дисертації з British Library

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Re: Дисертації з British Library

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Також на сайті доступні для скачування:

Gilliver, Catherine M. The Roman art of war : a study of the Roman military writers. 1993
Burns, Michael. South Italic military equipment : the cultural and military significance of the warrior's panoply from the 5th to the 3rd centuries B.C. 2006
Wanner, Robert. Forts, fields and towns: Communities in Northwest Transylvania from the first century BC to the fifth century AD.2010
Nutt, Stephen. Tactical interaction and integration : a study in warfare in the Hellenistic period from Philip II to the Battle of Pydna.
Gentry, S. Alexander. Hannibal's strategies during the second Carthaginian war with Rome and his ultimate goal of Roman subjugation. 2002
Fortin, M. Military architecture in Cyprus during the Second Millenium B.C. 1981
Collins, Robert Michael. Decline, Collapse, or Transformation? Hadrian's Wall in the 4th- 5th Centuries AD. 2007
Campbell, Duncan B. Aspects of Roman siegecraft. 2002
Leslie, Alan F.Roman temporary camps in Britain. 1995

Al-Mubarak, Malik Abdulazeez. Warfare in early Islam. 1997
Al-Dosari, Ali Salem Al-Naseef Military organization in early Islam (AH 1 - 40 / AD 622- 661). 1998
Al-Alawi, Badar Hilal Khalifa. Oman and the Islamic caliphate 11 - 447/632 - 1055: The military struggle. 2003
Williams, D. G. E. Land assessment and military organisation in the Norse settlements in Scotland, c.900-1266 AD. 1997.
Gerrard, Daniel. The military activities of bishops, abbots and other clergy in England c.900-1200. 2011
Theotokis, Georgios. The campaigns of the Norman dukes of southern Italy against Byzantium, in the years between 1071 and 1108 AD. 2010
Molin, Bengt Kristian. The role of castles in the political and military history of the Crusader States and the Levant 1187 to 1380. 1995
Morton, Nicholas Edward. The Teutonic Knights in the Holy Land :1190-1291. 2008
Crombie, Laura. From war to peace: archery and crossbow guilds in Flanders c.1300-1500. 2010
Smith, Paul Vincent. Crusade and society in Eastern Europe : the Hospital and the Temple in Poland and Pomerania 1145-1370. 1994
Carr, Mike. Motivations and Response to Crusades in the Aegean: c.1300-1350. 2011
Southwick, Leslie. Knightly armour in England in the age of the black prince. 1989
Goring, John Jeremy. The military obligations of the English people 1511-1558. 1955
Nicolle, D. The military technology of classical Islam. 1982
Curry, A.E. Military organization in Lancastrian Normandy, 1422-1450. 1985
Wall, J. Aspects of the Ecclesiastical Organisation and Architecture of the Military Orders in Britain from the 12th-14th Century. 1976
Lydon, James Francis. Ireland's participation in the military activities of English kings in the thirteenth and early-fourteenth century. 1955
Ayton, Andrew, The warhorse and military service under Edward III, 1990
Bell, Adrian R. Anatomy of an army : the campaigns of 1387-1388. 2002
Phillips, John. Qal'at Masyaf : a study in Islamic military architecture. 1982
Macdonald, Alastair. Crossing the Border : a study of the Scottish military offensives against England c.1369-c.1403. 1995

Нова і новітня історія:
Grosjean, Alexia N L. Scots and the Swedish state : diplomacy, military service and ennoblement 1611-1660. 1998
Murdoch, Steven W. Scotland, Denmark-Norway and the House of Stuart 1603-1660 : a diplomatic and military analysis. 1998
Bailey, De Witt. The Board of Ordnance and small arms supply : the ordnance system 1714-1783. 1988
Yagi, George. A study of Britain's military failure during the initial stages of the Seven Years' War in North America, 1754-1758 2006
Papavlassopoulos, Kosmas. Diplomatic, ideological and military aspects of the Russo-Turkish war (1768-1774). 1997
Conway, Stephen Robert. Military-civilian crime and the British Army in North America, 1775-1781.1982
Salmon, Stuart. The Loyalist Regiments of the American Revolutionary War 1775-1783. 2009
Moore, Zeta Mary. Army recruitment and the uncertainties of the 'fiscal-military' state in Britain, 1793-1815. 2006
Mackillop, Andrew. Military recruiting in the Scottish Highlands 1739-1815 : the political, social and economic context. 1995
Hills, Jonathan David. The militias' relationship with the regular army in the war of 1812, with particular respect to the militias of Ohio and New York. 2000
Deserino, Frank Edward. Wearing the gray suit : black enlistment and the Confederate militarу. 2001
Preston, A.w. British military policy and the defence of India: a study of British military policy, plans and preparations during the Russian crisis, 1876-1880. 1966
Beamer, C. R. The Atjeh War and the Roles of Civil and Military Authorities in the Development of Dutch Policy, 1873-1898.. 1974
Foley, Robert T. Attrition : its theory and application in German strategy, 1880-1916. 1999
Herrero Perez, Jose-Vicente. The Spanish military and the evolution of warfare, 1899-1939. King's College London (University of London) 2001
Waldie, D J P. Relations between the Army and the Royal Airforce 1918-1939. 1980
Bellamy, Christopher D. The Russian and Soviet View of the military-technical character of future war, 1877-2017. 1991
Moreman, Timothy Robert. 'Passing it on' : the army in India and the development of frontier warfare 1849-1947. 1996
Stone, M S. The Victorian army : health, hospitals and social conditions as encountered by British troops during the South African War, 1899-1902. 1992
Bartlett, Keith John. The development of the British army during the wars with France, 1793-1815. 1998
Lovering, Timothy J. (Timothy John). Authority and identity: Malawian soldiers in Britain s colonial army, 1891-1964. 2002
Nezir, Handan. Aspects of the social and political thought of the Ottoman military, 1908-1914. 2001
Croll, Neil Harvey. Mikhail Tukhachevsky in the Russian Civil War. 2002
Sinnott, Colin Sydney.RAF operational requirements 1923-1939. 1998
Summerton, Neil William. The development of British military planning for a war against Germany, 1904 - 1914. 1970
Croll, Kirsteen Davina. Soviet-Polish relations, 1919-1921. 2009
Creese, Michael John. 'Swords trembling in their scabbards'': A study of Indian officers in the Indian Cavalry, 1858 ? 1918. 2007

Перша світова війна:
Oram, Gerard Christopher. 'What alternative punishment is there?' : military executions during World War I. 2000
Childs, David John. British tanks 1915-18 : manufacture and employment. 1996
Smith, Richard Alexander. Britain and the strategy of the economic weapon in the war against Germany, 1914-1919. 2000
McDermott, James. The work of the Military Service Tribunals in Northamptonshire, 1916-1918. 2009
Mombauer, Annika. Helmuth von Moltke and the German General Staff : military and political decision-making in Imperial Germany, 1906-1916. 1997
Hughes, Matthew Dominic. General Allenby and the campaign of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, June 1917 - November 1919. 1995
French, Craig F. The 51st (Highland) Division during the First World War. 2006
Brown, Ian Malcolm.The evolution of the British Army's logistical and administrative infrastructure and its influence on GHQ's operational and strategic decision-making on the Western Front, 1914-1918. 1996
Marble, William Sanders. The infantry cannot do with a gun less : the place of the artillery in the BEF, 1914-1918. 1998
Newell, Jonathan Quentin Calvin. British military policy in Egypt and Palestine : August 1914 - June 1917. 1990
Whittle, Eric Yvon. British casualties on the Western Front 1914-1918 and their influence on the military conduct of the Second World War.. 1991.
Zabecki, D. T. Operational Art and the German 1918 Offensives. 2009

Друга світова і післявоєнний період:
Howcroft, Ivor. The role of the Royal Navy in the amphibious assaults in the second World War. 2002
Ilias-Tembos, Evangelos. The military campaigns of the Axis against Greece : Greece observed 1940-1941. 1996
Gooderson, Ian Robert. Allied close air support 1943-1945. 1994
Schulte, Theo J. The German army and National Socialist occupation policies in the occupied areas of the Soviet Union 1941-1943. 1987
Keene, Thomas Edward. Beset by secrecy and beleagured by rivals: the special operations executive and military operations in Western europe 1940 - 1942 with special reference to opearation Frankton. 2011
Walsh, S. M. Leadership and command on the Eastern Front (1941-1945) : the military style of Marchal Konstantin Rokossovskiy 2010
Craggs, Tracy. An 'Unspectacular' War? Reconstructing the history of the 2nd Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment during the Second World War. 2007
Ahn, Yonson. Korean 'comfort women' and military sexual slavery in World War II. 1999.
Greenacre, John William. The Development of Britain s Airborne Forces during the Second World War. 2008
Hart, Stephen Ashley. Field Marshal Montgomery, 21st Army Group and North-West Europe, 1944-45. 1995
Speller, Ian Andrew. The role of amphibious warfare in British defence policy, 1945-1964. King's College London (University of London), 1996
Foley, Matthew. Post-colonial transition, aid and the cold war in South-East Asia : Britain, the United States and Burma, 1948-1962. 2007
Cann, John Pearce. Portuguese counterinsurgency campaigning in Africa 1961-1974 : a military analysis. 1996
Karabelias, Gerasimos. Civil military relations : comparative analysis of military interventions in postwar Turkey and Greece. 1995
Symeonides, A.T. Military intervention, local wars and superpower policies, 1950-83. 1987
Litherland, J.P. Soviet views of the arms race and disarmament. 1987
Tsai, Ming-Yen. The limits of Chinese and Russian military cooperation after the end of the Cold War. 2000
Lee, Sangho. Deterrence and the defence of Central Europe : the British role from the early 1980s to the end of the Gulf War. 1994
Pinkney, R. The Politics of Military Rule in Ghana 1966-69.1977
Nader, Marouf Suleiman Bakhit. The evolution of Egyptian air defence strategy 1967-1973. 1990
Ohn, Daewon. The resurgent great power in the world system : China's grand strategy and military modernisation, 1978-1998. 2000
Turkoly-Joczik, Robert Louis. The military role of Asian ethnic minorities in the second Indochina war 1959-1975. 1986
So, Chintae. Tethered falcon : the South Korean Air Force, 1946-1956. 1996
Andy, Joshua Charles. Politics and the Soviet Army: civil-military relations in Soviet Union the Khrushchev Era, 1953-1964. 2011
Tarrabain, Ali M. The four powers multinational force in Lebanon 1982-84 : peacekeeping or intervention. 1990
Delaporta, Eleftheria. The role of Britain in Greek politics and military operations : 1947-1952. 2003

Holt, Brian. Military intervention in the Kurdish crisis April-July 1991. 1999
Buckman, Mark Anthony. The influence of UN and NATO theater-level commanders on the use of airpower over Bosnia during operation Deny Flight : 1993-1995. 1999
Bridges, Paul. Military law, soldiers and legal rights. 1992
Henriksen, Dag. Operation Allied Force : a product of military theory or political pragmatism? : an examination of the role of air power in handling the Kosovo crisis, 1998-99. 2005
Bailey , J. P. A.Artillery and Warfare 1945-2025. 2009

Ryan, Joseph Francis. The Royal Navy and Soviet seapower, 1930-1950 : intelligence, naval cooperation and antagonism. 1996
McLay, Keith Andrew John. Combined operations : British naval and military co operation in the wars of 1688-1713. 2003
Brooks, John. Fire control for British Dreadnoughts : choices of technology and supply. 2001
Glover, William Reaveley. Officer training and the quest for operational efficiency in the Royal Canadian Navy 1939-1945. 1998
Dash, Michael Wynford. British submarine policy 1853-1918. 1990
Troman, Wanda Maria Jadwiga.Anglo-Polish naval relations 1918-1947. 2000
Carter, Geoffrey Herbert. The rise and fall of Portland naval base 1845-1995. 1998

І таке дещо:
Armour, Rhodri H. A Biologically Inspired Jumping and Rolling Robot. 2010
Thomson, Matthew Ian Malcolm. Military computer games and the new American militarism: what computer games teach us about war. 2009 :)

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